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Entrusted with caring for the Balance on the Inner Planes, an abiorach's slender build and adolescent appearance greatly belie its responsibilities. These nomadic rilmani have the ability to be accepted by the elementals of their plane as if they were one of their own.


Among the weakest of the rilmani, the abiorachs are charged with watching over the Inner Planes. They bear a passing resemblance to young humans, though only vaguely; it's unlikely a fellow would be able to confuse the two for long. Their eyes are crystalline in structure, reflecting a rainbow of colors, and their bodies are surrounded by a constant silver gleam that shifts and distorts with every move they make, almost liquid in appearance. Less guarded than the other rilmani castes, abiorachs are thought to be the most approachable of that kind. They can still be difficult to deal with, however, as their duties give them a fairly temperamental, stubborn outlook; they are far more used to viewing things from an elemental perspective than any other, even a rilmani view, and thus out of all rilmani, they're thought by some to be the easiest to deal with. Even this slight capriciousness is suppressed those times when an abiorach is found on the Outlands, however; the closer presence of their kindred naturally leads to acting in a more traditional manner.

Abiorachs tend to travel through the Inner Planes in small bands in constant transit, moving from one plane to another to watch for any signs of imbalance. Thanks to their abilities, they are occasionally found in the company of local elementals, serving as guides, guardians, or simply companions.


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