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Not exactly a popular dish in the Planes, roast fhorgling is a whole roast young fhorge, most often served in the Outlands or Lower Planes. Most consider fhorge meat to be slightly gamy, but an appreciable number enjoy the taste.

The preparation of roast fhorgling begins with a young fhorge cleaned and dressed for cooking, and seasoned liberally with crushed black pepper. Its body cavity is stuffed with onions, garlic bulbs, and hot peppers before the fhorge is skewered and set over a medium fire for 4 to 6 hours. While cooking, it must be turned every half hour, and with each turn it must be brushed with melted butter or herb-infused oil, powdered garlic, and black pepper. A cook will know the fhorge is done when the juices of the thickest part of the meat run clear when pricked and the skin is cracked and browned.


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