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NG village
Corruption -5; Crime -1; Economy -1; Law -1; Lore +2; Society -2
Qualities holy site, pious
Danger +0
Location Beastlands/Brux/Ursis
Government magical
Population 140 (96% lycanthrope (mostly werebear); 4% other)
Notable NPCs

Balador, god of werebears
Brother Berrypaw the Black, proxy of Balador (Px/♂ werebear/D7/CG)

Base Value 500 gp; Purchase Limit 2,500 gp; Spellcasting 7th

Ursis is a sanctuary for all lycanthropes, though especially for werebears, as this land is the home of Balador, god of those kind, more commonly known as Father Bear to them. A semi-permanent village, this settlement is located high in the peaks of Brux, filled with a perpetual gentle breeze, and resembling nothing more than a few score tents arranged around a quaint, comfortable campsite.

Though largely serving various breeds of lycanthrope, any are welcome to spend a time here. The residents of Ursis always have a meal for visitors, and a blanket to sleep on, in exchange for nothing more than a good tale; "the taller, the better", Brother Berrypaw often comments. This is also a place for those needing counsel in the protection of all things natural, however, with Balador and his followers all offering their advice; the followers of Balador are known for their wisdom almost as much as their strength. Their generosity persists in this matter as well; the only price asked for their wisdom in such matters is most often a good quantity of honey mead.

The only ones restricted from entry into Ursis are those lycanthropes of an evil bent; such beings are entirely unable to enter the valley around Ursis that shares its name. Other lycanthropes are widely welcomed here, however, and those who have been infected by lycanthropy but have not yet shifted in alignment are likely to find aid in curing their condition here if they seek it.


  • Brother Berrypaw the Black (Px/♂ werebear/D7/CG)


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