Sum of All

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Sum of All
N large city
Corruption +2; Crime +1; Economy +2; Law +1; Lore +3; Society +6
Qualities academic, insular, magically attuned
Danger +10
Location Outlands
Government council
Population 20,000 (100% rilmani)
Base Value 9,600 gp; Purchase Limit 60,000 gp; Spellcasting 9th

If the rilmani have any capital at all, Sum Of All holds the best argument for such a title. Immense for a rilmani settlement, given that they rarely surpass a few dozen, Sum Of All spans a full mile across in every direction, and holds tens of thousands of rilmani within its walls. This city is the pinnacle of plumach architecture and design, with its pearl-laced domes, its buildings studded with gems mined from the base of the Spire; all the more impressive given the natural methods that were required to construct it, given its location within the First Ring, just barely a mile from where the cessation of magic takes hold.

Though known by name for centuries thanks to the reports of Sazraen Tildoma, even she was allowed within its walls only for a short time. It was only as of late that the possible reason for the existence of such a large rilmani city was found, as well as a possible long-standing answer to the question of just how the rilmani managed to travel out from their territory so easily to affect their plans. During the recent Iron Shadow crisis, it was revealed by the lillendi that Sum Of All bears a connection to the Infinite Staircase dating back to the days of the kamerel, somehow reaching out to that settlement despite the utter lack of magic there, potentially answering some questions but raising others in their place. Thanks to its secluded location upon the Stair, none had ever discovered such. Even now, the only ones known to hold the specific pathway to the connection are the lillendi and the Planewalker's Guild, and neither is especially eager to spread that knowledge out of respect for the rilmani aid received during the crisis.


Sum Of All holds no true government per se. As with any conglomeration of rilmani, the city is ruled via direct democracy, with all citizens having an equal say. Generally, though, proposals are made by the city's argenachs and presented to the populace to consider, with the argenachs making the majority of the public arguments for or against any such proposals.




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