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  • [[Category:Sentience|Lifegiver]]
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  • ...with the base nature if the plane on which they have been conjured, their sentience brought forth as a portion of their source plane. Depending how far the pla
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  • ...already uncommon type of creature. In short, they are Constructs that have sentience and free will, and that combine aspects of both constructs and living creat ...lars, this is usually a coincidental occurance &emdash golems that develop sentience over a millenia-long existance, freakish magical transmutations, or deific
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  • ...nimate in spite of their intelligence, while others say the development of sentience promotes an animate into the category of living.
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  • where the complexity of their enchantments is sufficient to spawn true sentience. ...varies, falling most often into one of two categories. On some, once the sentience of warforged is established definitively, emancipation is soon to follow, w
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  • ...e [[Beastlands]] show the gentle harshness of the land before the touch of sentience, Gehenna shows what remains from its hubris.
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  • ...e a much firmer sense of themselves. They still loathe all other forms of sentience, but it is out of neither fear nor an unwarranted sense of superiority but
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  • ...significant event on the Planes; having gone on since the dawning days of sentience, this battle for the supremacy of Law or Chaos has marked not only the Lowe
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