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  • pantheon = Pantheon of Ukko |
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  • ...uasi-powers, Abyssal Lords, Archdevils, etc.) are listed here for the sake of completeness. ! Pantheon
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  • ...Here, everyone is expected to work for the sake of all. This is the plane of community, and no community can survive if everyone doesn't play their part ...the light). At night, rather than stars, a person sees the glowing flames of the settlements above.
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  • ...y of the Great Ring, and as such it's never entirely free of the influence of those that surround it. ...neutrality, is free of much of the moralistic posturing that marks people of the Ring.
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  • ...eople listen to the man at the top out of fear; in Carceri, they do it out of respect, for she wouldn't be at the top if she didn't deserve to be. ...uence in Carceri, they do occasionally recruit from the plane, holding one of the few reliable portals from [[Othrys]] to [[Sigil]].
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  • ...hales, which can only be found in those locations near an elemental pocket of air. Even there, such life forms are fairly rare, and most beings near suc ...depths of Material oceans. While those on the Prime might reach hundreds of feet across, some rare examples in the Bottomless Deep are said to reach si
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