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  • ...somewhere in [[Krigala]], shifting location from time to time. Friends of nature may occasionally spy a unicorn drinking from a crystal pool at the center o, Ehlonna. Here, all those who devote themselves to the protection of nature are welcome.
    2 KB (278 words) - 17:08, 7 September 2007
  • ...bearer as before, while also influencing them to varying degrees with the nature of the source plane. Such a spark itself, meanwhile, if merely removed can ...d the comparatively easier ability of exemplars to achieve apotheosis, the nature of sparks has led some to theorize that divinity is simply some variation o
    2 KB (402 words) - 15:03, 20 May 2017
  • ...ists themselves, but instead as general aesthetes; usually diving into the nature of art rather than the creation of such, often finding roles as critics, in
    2 KB (281 words) - 13:58, 2 May 2013
  • ...englis bear no ill will to other beings despite the dangerousness of their nature; indeed, menglis are generally apathetic to other lifeforms. The sole exce The solitary nature of the menglis extends even to their own species. There has never been mor
    2 KB (363 words) - 01:21, 29 October 2007
  • which he controls through a magical amulet. Rarely attacked due to the nature of this layer, the defenses of this fortress are scant and little tested.
    753 bytes (120 words) - 00:30, 29 August 2007
  • ...ver, as petitioners come from mortals, there is as much variation in their nature as there is amongst the living. ...o embrace. Those that seek a warlike, combative, defensive, or protective nature will often pick up physical skills. Those that followed a god of the arcan
    5 KB (764 words) - 16:01, 13 March 2013
  • Inhabitants of Salt are uncommon in this region due to the odd nature of the substance here, but for [[dessicator]]s which can of course be found Some report that due to the nature of this region as one endless mirror, scrying spells can be used here to im
    2 KB (298 words) - 00:02, 14 December 2012
  • ...Ash more than near any other mortal organization, and few know more of its nature than they.
    2 KB (288 words) - 22:01, 23 June 2013
  • ...fiends go through, they are less representative of their kind's incarnate nature.
    557 bytes (93 words) - 14:48, 20 May 2017
  • after further study on the plane or examination outside it can its true nature be determined.
    789 bytes (122 words) - 02:58, 11 December 2007
  • ...through the vast network of connections most all ursinals build purely by nature of their work. The specific nature of an ursinal can vary greatly. While many of them epitomize the ancient s
    3 KB (462 words) - 14:44, 20 May 2017
  • that isn't a [[baatezu]] or [[modron]] to pass, instructing them of the nature of the Staircase and warning them of its special dangers before they enter.
    814 bytes (130 words) - 06:15, 17 September 2007
  • ...ds any specific element, regardless of ties it may have with the monster's nature. ...g no sign the animental ever existed. This certainly suggests a transient nature to their existence, rather than any sort of true life.
    3 KB (523 words) - 15:15, 20 May 2017
  • ...seem to straddle the line. This question seems to be central to the true nature of life; what sets it apart from mere animacy, and why exactly some process
    2 KB (358 words) - 21:08, 1 June 2016
  • Native to [[Arvandor]], serren trees serve as vessels for nature spirits. Branches that fall from serren trees can be used to create bows,
    648 bytes (103 words) - 21:14, 22 October 2009
  • ...into an utterly new existence to better get them to internalize their new nature, to set them blatantly apart from mortals and lead them to learn new forms
    3 KB (436 words) - 01:25, 20 July 2013
  • ...ugh some suspect the Lower Planes on first impression, the lack of an evil nature to the aeserpent makes this an unlikely possibility. The theory given most
    2 KB (369 words) - 17:53, 27 April 2017
  • have met, or even heard of them, though rumors and speculation of their nature among those who have are common. ...ed, due to their innate resistance to Divination, though as their physical nature hints at their creation being artificial, some theorize that they may be an
    5 KB (874 words) - 15:05, 20 May 2017
  • ..., while nonnatives of Elysium are stopped and questioned as to their inner nature.
    1 KB (226 words) - 03:10, 24 April 2007
  • spoken only by those entities with sufficient power to survive its true nature. From what little has survived, it is known that the words of the Language
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