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  • ...eces, open-air productions, or public displays. Officially, the park is a ward of the city, but laws placed on the books around its founding prevent the c [[Category:Lady's Ward]]
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  • The Hall of Records stands in the [[Clerk's Ward]] of [[Sigil]], serving as the headquarters of the [[Fated]] and the center they charge even their own for such services; of course, prices are far lower than one would find anywhere else in Sigil for similar lodging, so factotum
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  • ...children, she was immediately put in the care of one of the Mercykillers' ward matrons, Joslyn Nilesia. It was under her tutelage that as soon as she cou ...assigned to [[Vorkehan]] or retrieval missions in the lowest depths of the Lower Planes, where their words would no longer echo in the Prison's halls. With
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  • hq = The [[Prison (Sigil){{!}}Prison]] (The [[Lady's Ward]]) | ...sdemeanors, which now receive the punishment of 10 years hard labor in the Lower Planes; and rules infractions, which now receive 10 years' incarceration in
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  • ...loating ash and embers. Outside the [[Clerk's Ward|Clerk's]] and [[Lady's Ward]]s, the air quality tends to be quite poor, with smog an everpresent risk t See the specific ward articles for more detail.
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  • hq = The [[Hall of Speakers]] (The [[Clerk's Ward]]) | ...aming, their faction headquarters — an estate house in the [[Clerk's Ward]] once belonging to Rilith, left to the faction upon her death — bega
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  • * The [[River Styx]] grows from a minor trickle through the Lower Planes to a full-fledged [[planar path]]. * [[Petitioner]]s begin arriving from the [[Prime]]. On the Lower Planes, they form new larvae, and fiends soon discover that they can be twi
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  • hq = The [[City Court]] (The [[Lady's Ward]]) | Chief of any rank, ad hoc bureaus take only Bureau Chiefs of rank B2 or lower. By custom, the so-called "Star Bureaus", those most key to the faction's o
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  • ...ide the warded area. This ward immediately ends if you leave the area. The ward lasts for 1 hour per cleric level. You can use this ability once per day. ...1st—''cause fear'', 2nd—''death knell'', 3rd—''animate dead'', 4th—''death ward'', 5th—''slay living'', 6th—''create undead'', 7th—''destruction'', 8
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  • ...ght spent working in either one of their Records offices, or in one of the ward tax offices up to a maximum of 10. ...d a better deal; you may purchase any one item with a price of 10000 gp or lower at 85% of list price. You may spend additional CPA to increase this limit,
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