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  • ...etween all the major pantheons with planar presence in the multiverse, the Divine Compact is a deeply involved document, but boils down to five major clauses
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  • A manifestation of a divine or near-divine being with less power, more mortality, and thus a more distinct existence t [[Category:Divine]]
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  • ...from the heroes or villains whose deeds have earned them a place among the divine by their contemporaries to the mythical, once-nonexistant figures that have ...ghborhood that should not be found. ''Finding God Street requires a DC 20 divine caster level check, with a -5 penalty if the caster is either good or chaot
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  • An antipaladin, also known as a blackguard, is a type of divine knight devoted to evil as opposed to good; exactly as the name implies, the
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  • when those with the ability to inquire have, and given the potential of divine retribution against the rilmani were they to do otherwise, it is now assume The [[Divine Compact]] was signed at one of the first Godmoots, and all new pantheons en
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  • ...eath the mountains, they innately contain great amounts of consecrated and divine energy.
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  • ...Mount Celestia]], but rarely encountered outside [[Vishnu]]'s realm, the [[Divine Lotus]]. Content to serve devoutly in his name, seeing to his needs much a In the Divine Lotus, the garuda make their homes in the depths of simbala groves, collect
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  • ...r when something severely upsets the balance of life and death amongst the divine, and relying on the word of their sole remaining proxy, [[Betita Khab]], to ...]], since their transformation they have avoided all interactions with any divine entities. On those rare occasions where they do manifest, they still grant
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  • ...ects they act as true powers, including favored weapons and domains. Most divine casters of abyssal lords are oracles, with few clerics among their ranks.''
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  • This replaces Divine Grace. This ability replaces Divine Health.
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  • ...s or those that have some level of prominence over the pantheon beyond the divine structure.
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  • ...seem to be impossible to extend beyond a sphere into the phlogiston; even divine spellcasters are unable to refresh their granted powers while traveling bet
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  • ...etween all the major pantheons with planar presence in the multiverse, the Divine Compact is a deeply involved document, but boils down to five major clauses
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  • ...s with other deities, and has no appreciable allies or enemies amongst the divine ranks. Even [[Sess'innek]] is of little concern to Semuanya, despite his d
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  • ...d Soth]] of [[Krynn]] was similarly afflicted, though in his case it was a divine curse placed upon him by the gods of that realm as punishment. His positio ...ining enough that it can only reliably be performed by a powerful fiend or divine entity. This ritual is sometimes by the request of the subject, but at oth
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  • ...though, it is used as nothing more than a focus for the Will's efforts at divine resurrection, locked within [[Sigil]] where its powers are likely useless.
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  • awfully protective of their noctrals, and any harm against one of these divine advisors is near certain to draw the ire of their patron, leading them to s
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  • 1st&mdash;''bless'', ''detect evil'', ''divine favor'', ''sanctuary'', ''shield of faith'', ''swallow your fear''<br> '''Spells''' Firres cast divine spells as 12th-level clerics. They do not gain access to domains or cleric
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  • massive chunks of stone. It is this nature that brings the plane's only divine realm, if only in part: a portion of the realm of [[Wee Jas]] extends up fr
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  • 1st (8/day)&mdash;''cure light wounds'', ''divine favor'', ''mage armor'', ''protection from chaos'', ''shield''<br> ...ane spells for a tertian modron, meaning that the creature does not need a divine focus to cast them.
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  • sq = aura, code of conduct, divine bond (mount), lay on hands (8d6, 10/day), mercies (blinded, cursed, dazed,
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