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  • home = Wells of Darkness | ally = [[Dagon]], [[Obox-Ob]], [[Queen of Chaos]] |
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  • ''This scandalous, diaphonous gown is composed of overlapping veils ranging in hue from bright crimson to reddish brown.'' a single dose of any poison to the silks of this garment. The ''shroud of venom'' absorbs the poison, storing it within its threads but remaining com
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  • ...each has been attacked near a half-dozen times over the last two centuries of its existence, including one by a minor Abyssal lord, not once has her fort ...thanks in no small part to her capture of the body of their founder), one of her few potential key allies outside the Abyss.
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  • ''This thick tome is bound in brass with a cover of deep purple leather. A clasp shaped like a three-fingered demonic hand hol ...scholars of the [[Abyss]] - [[Iggwilv]] the Witch Queen. Only six copies of this fabulous tome are thought to exist.
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  • npc = '''[[Red Shroud]]''', ruler of Broken Reach {{NPC|planar|f|succubus|sorcerer 11 / fatespinner 4|Fated|CE}} where travelers to the plane can live and operate from without worry of violence, impressment, or enslavement.
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  • satk = claws, energy drain, fickle finger of fate, profane gift | ...'dismissal'' (DC 29), ''extract gift'', ''night's caress'' (DC 29), ''wall of force''<br>
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  • ...entral source for both name and number, number assigned according to order of confirmation. ...rtion of the Lexicon of the Abyss as of now, a list of all recorded layers of the Abyss alongside their layer number and the demon prince, deity, or othe
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  • ...o make no implications as to the ownership of information gleaned from any of the products referenced or cited on any included page. ...artists and/or cartographers in the case of a graphical work, and the time of initial publication.
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  • * 752 BC ([[Demiplane of Dread]]) ...actol Hashkar rather than the proper factol of their time period, for ease of reading.
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