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  • domain = Creation, Knowledge, Law, Travel | [[Category:Travel]]
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  • [[Category:Planar Travel]]
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  • ...ainder of the space almost as an ocean, with currents allowing for ease of travel between certain spheres. circling along with the other worlds of the sphere known as Greyspace. Travel from one sphere to another within the Prime is most often accomplished thro
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  • as the [[Traveler's Way]] on [[Elysium]]. On any planes whose overland travel times are random, an astral streaker instead always takes the minimum amoun
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  • appear on is determined by the DM or at random. The ''Heart'' does not travel with the user.'' [[Category:Planar Travel]]
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  • domain = Chaos, Protection, Travel |
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  • ...s quite personable, striving to prevent blocking the Waterspout from genie travel, despite the occasional random attack from an unnamed source on Pulivin's w
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  • ...f this substance before departing for [[Pandemonium]], as it allows one to travel there without succumbing to the maddening effects of that plane.
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  • ...they grow distant, and providing a path for those with the rare ability to travel the river of time. ...those that can travel freely between the two can use the plane to quicken travel much as some use the plane of Shadow.
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  • ...glow. It is of little benefit outside that area, but to those that often travel the [[Infinite Staircase]], which is considered within the Gates, belissan
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  • Color pools are amongst the easiest objects on the Astral to find, the travel time to one being consistently lower than to any other sort of object. Thi ...ball or other such device. Many use this to ensure a safe arrival before travel, though this has a second use as well. With further effort, the window of
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  • ...giston slowly leaks into the air envelopes of spelljamming vessels as they travel through the region, making even the slightest spark a potentially fatal dan ...p spelljamming vessels from taking advantage of them to better speed their travel from one sphere to another. Perhaps the best-known example of these curren
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  • no great speed advantage on most planes given the nature of intraplanar travel, and but for a few planar paths, a full ship is somewhat inconvenient to ta ...he planes, as for most of their known existence, they have eschewed planar travel whenever possible. No others possess the secret of their creation, though
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  • ...g River]], one of the main waterways of Lunia, thus allowing also for easy travel to and from the [[Palace of Bahamut]] or the various nearby draconic settle
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  • ...d just as a normal portal. Conduits are by far the safest means of planar travel; though they do have their own dangers (such as the [[h'rak'va]] or the rum [[Category:Planar Travel]]
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  • ...the mass of negative energy creating such a strong mental drag. However, travel through the Bonecloud, though dangerous, is possible. Fact is, a number of There are many that are forced to travel into the Bonecloud, for a number of [[color pool]]s a basher may want acces
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  • domain = Chaos, Good, Moon, Protection, Travel |
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  • ...largely as a way of spreading word of the Ennead to other worlds. Planar travel makes up the majority of Kemet's spread beyond Akar, though there are minor
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  • aoc = Travel, distance, roads, horizons | domain = Earth, Luck, Protection, Travel, Weather |
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  • ...he oldest petitioners a distinctly insectile look. These petitioners find travel from island to island much easier, and in fact prefer to spend their time s
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  • ...ever explore much further than Precipice, as it's both safer and easier to travel than within the mass of the plane; here, there are no worries about creatin
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  • ...are the realms beyond. These are the infinite expanses located should one travel away from the [[Spire]] and beyond the [[gate-town]]s. An uninhabited wild
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  • ...on Ysgard, is impossible without a teleportation spell that allows planar travel. Falling off the staircase entirely poses its own obvious risks. Beyond t ...are unreliable terms here, most folks that commonly use the Staircase for travel refer to specific known regions instead.
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  • ...Though it is survivable, it is only barely so, and few outsiders choose to travel through its bounds unless absolutely necessary. ...ivity of gravity. As on Air, there are various simpler and safer means of travel also used, and there is in fact a very profitable ferrying business on Smok
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  • Though the river is used often, both for basic travel and the shipment of trade goods, it isn't without its quirks. One small di
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  • |9th||1/day—''planar travel'' (self only), ''telekinetic force''
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  • ...Acheron]], and the one most associated with the plane; most visitors don't travel any deeper than Avalas, after all, as to a visitor there's little lower the ...ate's territory, as such actions are seen as contrary to the Rules of War. Travel within Avalas, as a result, can be relatively safe so long as one keeps awa
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  • ...horrific speeds is almost an art form. Thus, many prefer safer methods of travel. Those with natural ability to fly find their skills even more effective i As for travel to Air, there are a number of options, and though many are located in remot
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  • ...the field of chronomancy, when first learning of the possibilities of time travel, wonder just what happens to the souls and minds of those no longer existen
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  • Undomesticated vapor rats tend to travel in small swarms, no more than 6-8, using their numbers to better hunt the v
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  • Abiorachs tend to travel through the Inner Planes in small bands in constant transit, moving from on
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  • ...avity]]. Some non-natives provide transit around the plane via ships that travel the colors much as riverboats, great mirrored wheels churning through the h ...t in such an event can at times find themselves thrown days, even weeks of travel from their destination, hurtling through the plane with much force as they
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  • ...d as the space between space. It's a largely mental realm, and those that travel within it are merely translations of their physical bodies into the mental ...nd if a fellow wants to reach somewhere, eventually they will, even if the travel time is largely arbitrary and unrelated to any true concept of distance. F
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  • ...[[Elemental Plane of Fire]] is blatantly dangerous to outsiders seeking to travel within it, the dangers of the Elemental Plane of Earth are far less so. Ob ...hable by portal are nothing more but disconnected pockets with no means of travel between them within the plane but to pass through the Earth proper. This i
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  • ...rict open to outside travel; though it's declined significantly in foreign travel following recent events, the value of trade with the kytons (especially now
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  • ...3 to 18 days required for each ring being crossed. This is separate from travel between locations, however; traveling from [[Glorium]] to [[Tir Na Og]] wil ** [[Lugh]] - Arts, crafts, travel, commerce, horses, war
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  • domain = Liberation, Magic, Rune, Travel, Void | ...t is believed that ages past, Aoskar was naught but a simple god of planar travel, though his origins have long since been lost. What is known is that his wo
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  • ...grey-skinned humanoid creatures found throughout the planes. They rarely travel alone, working in groups of three to six in their efforts at suppressing th
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  • ...le long-standing answer to the question of just how the rilmani managed to travel out from their territory so easily to affect their plans. During the recen
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  • ...o the paucity of travel to Earth itself in comparison. Sound also seems to travel well through the crystals of Mineral, though it's difficult to pinpoint; he
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  • domain = Animal, Knowledge, Nobility, Travel, Trickery |
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  • ...ginal targets. (There are some exceptions, as always — if forced to travel through a large amount of solid matter, spell crystals will shatter midway
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  • ...erry business for goods and passengers alike taking people across Bytopia; travel on foot is possible, but hazardous. For the most part, it's the pastures o ** [[Baervan Wildwanderer]] - Forests, travel, nature
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  • ...eps a good distance from the jungles, and is careful about the razorgrass, travel through these parts of Cathrys can be almost peaceful. And though the loca
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  • Travel into Glorium is most easily accomplished by setting off on the Sea of Basil ...e can possibly swim into it, this would obviously be quite dangerous; most travel here is by ship, a far less dangerous prospect than it sounds. Though the
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  • ...rom the Prime by [[lizardfolk]] travelers in the early days of crossplanar travel during early attempts at colonization, when it was thought that the local f
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  • layers, away. However, even the normal risks of Styx travel aside, this travel can be difficult, as the pattern of the Styx' flow across and within the cu
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  • ...stand-in for sight, carries extraordinarily well here. A single sound can travel miles if not more, though identifying the exact source of a noise can be tr ...far more mercurial, they can be far stronger as well. A given current can travel dozens of miles an hour, sweeping up those within it that likely don't have
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  • ...n the negative quasielemental planes researching the nature of entropy, or travel the multiverse adding to chaos where they can, a Sinker is given nearly ful ...Sealt these days) the long way about, not via portal but instead via solo travel across the citadel's plane. If they can survive that journey, they then mu
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  • ...the Travelers' Way; an effect whereby those who do good deeds along their travel will find themselves quickly arriving at their destination, while those who
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  • ...t at right angles to the rocky surface. This, as could be expected, makes travel quite risky but for the occasional "trade route" — the local name for
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  • ...a higher layer than Lunia without such acts, and the further one wishes to travel towards [[Chronias]], the more difficult or the more personal this self-dis
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  • ...ggy shorelines of that layer. [[Pelion]] can also be reached here through travel, though this is far more difficult; some few islands bear underground ruins
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  • domain = Charm, Darkness, Death, Evil, Travel |
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  • | [[Phoenix]] || || planewalking, portals, travel || Unknown || Slain by unknown rivals
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  • ...ay Carceri holds more orbs than the Abyss holds layers. The only means of travel between these orbs is flight, though those that cannot do so with their own
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  • ...esis, able to breathe without trouble in both water and air. They can even travel on land if need be, though incredibly awkwardly, writhing like a snake with
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  • ...tands, as with many former gate-towns, as the first point of entry to most travel to the plane, located just a few dozen feet from the portal to [[Excelsior]
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  • [[Category:Travel]]
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  • ...the world of [[Rublia]]. On this world, relatively unaccustomed to planar travel and with little in the way of magical lore, her stature and vast magical po
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  • '''Shadow Jump (Su):''' A darkweaver can travel between shadows as if by means of a dimension door. The limitation is that
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  • ...ds, have little presence on the planes; most have scant interest in planar travel, and those of a darker bent find ruling figures on the plane poor targets f
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  • ...w walk'' allows one to straddle the Plane of Shadow and the Prime to speed travel greatly; and of course the shadowdancer uses an innate connection with the
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  • ...nvironments, a rare few have decided to take up the adventuring mantle and travel the Multiverse in its entirety.
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  • the last few thousand years, planar or Prime, it's nearly impossible to travel the planes without encountering humans. Yet with no cohesion tying them to
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  • ** [[Shaundakul]] - Travel, exploration
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  • domain = Destruction, Protection, Travel, Water, Weather |
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  • ...t branches hold flattened surfaces upon their "tops" or "bottoms" for easy travel after so many ages of being traversed by the ratatosk, but some are still a
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  • ...of flight through one method or another, though costly, but long-distance travel is far more effectively accomplished via the Labyrinthine Portal. Contrary
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  • ** [[Hermes]] - Travel, Trade, Thievery, Gambling, Running
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  • be cut off from their few connections to the rest of the planes. Still, travel to the city is far from safe, the vines along the roads studded with the bo
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  • ...supplied, and verified, squadrons are dispatched in strict regiment, with travel proceeding across the [[Great Ring]] if battle is to be met merely in [[Geh ...Command is charged with transporting any units that require sea- or river-travel, including ferrying along the Styx; as a result, their support is key in ma
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  • ...te the two. If he wishes, he can even use his ''planewalking'' ability to travel to the speaker's location. He always uses Sense Motive if necessary to det
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  • * First significant planar travel by mortals begins. ...founded in Sigil, taking advantage of its position as a hub of multiversal travel.
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  • ==Travel== ...Powers:''' You are an explorer and find enlightenment in the simple joy of travel, be it by foot or conveyance or magic. Increase your base speed by 10 feet.
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  • ...Doors) is the largest center of commerce and most popular nexus of planar travel in the known multiverse. Its age and origins are unknown, as are the means
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  • | 2 || Caravan travel (crossplanar transport for the PC and up to 20 others; includes a crew of 1
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