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  • ==Soldier of the Last War (Fighter archetype)==
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  • ...s both worthless and wondrous from across reality. Here is the land after war has finished, after conflict has ended, after there is nothing and no one l ...vast realms containing nothing but old machines and constructs, devices of war and devices of convenience alike filling the hollows, near all long since p
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  • stone scoured clean. Tintibulus is the layer of absence, of the fate of war after even memorials have crumbled away. Not even [[rust monster]]s make th
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  • * {{cite|Faction War|pg.123}}
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  • ...ier war. When that conflict was concluded, all the titans involved in the war were exiled to the prison plane of [[Carceri]], with only those that had ab
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  • ...e mind behind some of the greatest victories of the baatezu in the [[Blood War]] and unmatched in the art of the ambush or double-cross. Having served hi Bel's name first began to spread in the early days of the Blood War, in its most tumultuous period. The Third Command was embroiled in a massi
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  • aoc = Tyranny, War, Discord, Massacres, Conflict, Fitness | domain = Destruction, Evil, Law, Strength, War |
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  • ...involve himself in the War, a lack of interest that carries to the [[Blood War]] today. In the interests of self-preservation, he has far removed himself Planes and the [[Plane of Air]]. Given his stance apart from the Blood War and even occasionally against the tanar'ri, many neutral and even a small h
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  • ...u]], and other such gods. They act as both soldiers and diplomats, seeking war and peace interchangeably as befits the situations they find themselves in.
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  • ...the [[tanar'ri]], the chief constituent of demonic weapons in the [[Blood War]] and elsewhere. The eldritch energies that run through it are fragile unt
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  • ...ighting, but by those who command them; the plane of organized, widespread war as engaged by whole nations, worlds, or peoples. On Ysgard, none fight but ** [[Odin]] - War, wisdom, poetry, knowledge
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  • ...e first caste to take the role of a true tactician in fighting the [[Blood War]], while beyond their home plane, they are the first charged with gaining n ...thrown straight to the wolves, sent to either the front lines of the Blood War or the communities of mortals beyond Baator in order to perform their task.
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  • ...more celestials than today held out hope for a nonviolent end to the Blood War, their tale touched the hearts of these twelve, and they agreed to follow t
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  • ...[Sigil]]ian history has its roots in the ''[[kriegstanz]]'', the long cold war that has marked the factions since their beginnings. This undercurrent of
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  • ** [[Ishtar]] - Love, war ** [[Kuan-ti]] - War, diplomacy
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  • ...celestials [[Koe]] and [[Tripicus]] and their actions towards the [[Blood War]], but no details have made themselves known; especially odd, given Tripicu
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  • ...have led the armies of the [[Baatezu]], guiding Law's side of the [[Blood War]]. These preeminent examples of their kind, by merely surviving over the e :: Dagos is in charge of directing actual combat operations in the Blood War. Directly below Dagos are the Three Commands of the Baator Legions, each l
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  • ...have a special interest in a former competitor for the title during the [[War of Ripe Flesh]], [[Shami-Amourae]], and she has also been spotted commonly ...similarly banned from Broken Reach, as she has little care for the [[Blood War]], a somewhat unique viewpoint amongst the tanar'ri (though not especially
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  • npc = [[Ishtar]], goddess of war and love<br>
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  • ...own that Primus supports the [[baatezu]] with modron forces in the [[Blood War]], a suspect act by many. Still, if this is its goal, it keeps itself surp * {{cite|Hellbound: The Blood War - DM's Guide|pgs.33,69}}
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