Shroud of venom

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Shroud of venom PRICE
48,000 gp
SLOT body CL 7th WEIGHT 1 lb.
AURA moderate conjuration

This scandalous, diaphonous gown is composed of overlapping veils ranging in hue from bright crimson to reddish brown.

Once per day, you can apply a single dose of any poison to the silks of this garment. The shroud of venom absorbs the poison, storing it within its threads but remaining comfortable and dry. Thereafter, as a standard action, the shroud's wearer can use the stored poison as an attack. Contact poisons are delivered through touch attacks. Inhaled and ingested poisons are delivered through mouth-to-mouth contact following a successful grapple attack. Injury poisons are delivered through melee attacks that involve physical contact, via a melee weapon, unarmed strike, or natural weapon. Generating the poison is a swift action.

A shroud of venom can store up to ten doses of poison at a time. If the wearer is poisoned, she may opt to have the dose of poison instead be absorbed by the shroud, so long as it isn't yet full. Doing so prevents the poison from affecting the wearer, and allows her to use the poison herself at a later time.

It is from this item that the succubus Red Shroud takes her name, having created the first shroud of venom some time ago.


Craft Wondrous Item, neutralize poison


Shroud of Venom
Red Shroud, wearing the item from which she takes her name  


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