Radiance genasi

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As with all quasielemental genasi, radiance genasi are rarely seen on the planes as a whole beyond their home plane. Even more than most, as most radiance genasi find the world beyond the Quasielemental Plane of Radiance uncomfortably dreary by comparison. Those that choose to stay on the planes are most often those such that seek to find something on the planes that matches the wonderment they feel from Radiance itself; this often leads to an interest in taking in various works of art of all sorts, seeking out beauty of a sort less limited than merely the bright, shining nature of their home. From the overwhelming light of Radiance to the visual arts of all manner of aesthetics, to art as a whole, many radiance genasi hold positions rarely as artists themselves, but instead as general aesthetes; usually diving into the nature of art rather than the creation of such, often finding roles as critics, instructors, and historians. Perhaps unsurprisingly, radiance genasi seem to have a predilection towards sight-based synesthesia, potentially linked not just with sound, but with any of the various senses (not even merely the traditional other four).


The elemental heritage of radiance genasi most often expresses itself as as mild glow, often across the entire spectrum of light, as well as unnatural, sometimes opalescent and usually strikingly contrasted coloration of hair, eye, and skin. Among some, though, it instead expresses itself as an aura of heat or the occasional burst of light rather than the constant emanation. Radiance genasi usually cultivate a very specific, striking style across their garb as a way of making their best attempt at mirroring their homeland.