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The homeworld of the Harmonium, this planet was once a fairly standard Prime world, filled with competing nations representing all the various reflections mortal races have to offer. One day nearly 500 years ago, however, a group of adventurers set out to "rid the country of chaos and bring peace to the land." And unlike most such expeditions, they succeeded; within a single generation, law had overwhelmed Ortho, and chaos had been driven out.

Today, humans, dwarves, orcs, and beholders work together under the law of the Harmonium. The chaotic races have long since been driven out (or killed, by the tales of some); elves, gnomes, halflings, and even the fey are nowhere to be found on Ortho. Those few sorts who have traveled there describe it as a rigid place, but peaceful. The various flavors of law manage to work together in peace, with little of the conflict one may expect between the various nations of the world, good or evil.

Being a heavily religious world, Ortho's harmony and conformity is held strong by the Harmonium through its powers. Even Factol Sarin and his family come from this tradition, he a native paladin of that world and his wife, Faith, a priest and one of the faction's spiritual leaders.

Ortho is merely one of a number of Harmonium world in the Prime, however. They have been successful in spreading their message to a number of realms within and without their crystal sphere, with most high-ups in the Harmonium having their origins in one of these lands. The Harmonium are constantly seeking out other potential colonies in the Prime, always seeking to spread their message to other lands touched by Chaos.


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