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The mirror magus is an archetype of the magus class, available to kamerel magi.

Mirror magi are the descendants of ancient kamerel traditions, born both of the restrictions forced upon them from their Outlander homes and from their long-standing connection with the mysterious and little-understood Plane of Mirrors.

Class Features

In addition to the following class features, all class features of a mirror magus that would otherwise be (Su) are now (Ex) with regard to environmental conditions only.


A mirror magus has access only to 0 and 1st level spell slots; any higher spell slots a magus would gain instead give them one additional 1st-level spell slot. Any spells marked with an (F) require a specially crafted personal totem mirror to cast. This mirror is considered an additional Focus component to the spell. Such a mirror requires one week to properly form, and the rituals involved cause it to become as strong as steel. As such, many mirror magi incorporate theirs into bucklers, that they may always have them at hand.

A mirror magus has the following alternate spell list:

0—arcane mark (F), dancing lights (F), daze (F), detect magic, flare (F), ghost sound, light (F), mage hand, mending, message (F), open/close, prestidigitation, read magic, spark (F)

1st—abstemiousness, alarm, alter self (F), anticipate peril (F), bind the reflection, blur (F), break, burning gaze, color spray (F), darkness (F), daze monster (F), dazzling blade (F), divide the mind, enlarge person, erase (F), expeditious retreat, flare burst (F), forced quiet, glitterdust (F), hairline fractures, hold reflection, hydraulic push, hypnotism (F), lesser confusion (F), lock gaze (F), mage armor (F), magic weapon (F), mirror image (F), mirror strike, misdirection (F), obscure object (F), pass into mirror, preserve image, reduce person, scry mirror, shatter, shield (F), shocking grasp, silent image (F), snowball, spatial mirror, strengthen glass, the untraveled road, transport mirror, twisted space (F), unseen servant (F), vanish (F)

Reflect the Spell (Ex)

At 4th level, a mirror magus gains the ability to divide one of their spells in two, essentially allowing them to cast the same spell twice at once. This increases to three spells at 11th level, and four at 19th. All variables and numeric effects of the reflections are the same for each copy, and the target only need make a single spell resistance check or saving throw against all spells. The reflections can, however, be directed at separate targets or be directed at different areas.

This ability replaces Spell Recall, Improved Spell Recall, and Greater Spell Access.

Arcane Boost (Ex)

At 7th level, a mirror magus can expend one point from their arcane pool to add a bonus to their spell DCs equal to CL/4 for a number of rounds equal to their Int bonus.

This ability replaces Knowledge Pool.

Channel the Spire (Ex)

At 13th level, a mirror magus gains spell resistance. The value of the spell resistance varies from spell to spell, however, equal to four times the level of the spell being cast at them (including spell level adjustments for metamagic).

This ability replaces Heavy Armor.

Magus Arcana

The following magus arcana complement the mirror magus archetype: empowered magic, maximize magic, reflection

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