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Living Constructs have the following features.

  • A Living Construct derives its Hit Dice, base attack bonus progression, saving throws, and skill points from the class it selects.


A Living Construct possesses the following traits.

  • Like other constructs, a Living Construct has low-light vision and Darkvision with a range of 60ft.
  • Unlike other constructs, a Living Construct has a Constitution score.
  • Unlike other constructs, a Living Construct is not immune to mind-affecting spells and abilities.
  • Unlike other constructs, Living Construct are subject to nonlethal damage, stunning, ability damage, ability drain, and death effects or necromancy effects.
  • As living constructs, Living Construct can be affected by spells that target living creatures as well as by those that target constructs. Damage dealt to a Living Construct can be healed by a cure light wounds spell or a repair light damage spell, for example, and a Living Construct is vulnerable to disable construct and harm. However, spells from the healing subschool and supernatural abilities that cure hit point damage or ability damage provide only half their normal effect to a Living Construct.
  • Immunity to poison, sleep effects, paralysis, disease, nausea, fatigue, exhaustion, effects that cause the sickened condition, and energy drain. Additionally, living constructs do not age, but may slowly wear down over time.
  • A Living Construct cannot heal damage naturally, and must be healed magically, or through the use of the Craft skill to repair them. Unless inert, living constructs can repair themselves provided they have the tools and materials to do so. An 8 hour craft check heals the check result in HP, half that for a 4 hour check, and 1/4 check result for a 2 hour repair session. Repairs shorter than 2 hours have corresponding fractional effect, or no effect if the GM rules that insufficient time for repairs are available. Repairing ability damage is a DC25 Craft check, with an additional 1 point of Ability damage healed for every 5 points with which you exceed the DC.
  • A Living Construct responds slightly differently from other living creatures when reduced to 0 hit points. A Living Construct with 0 hit points is disabled, just like a living creature. He can only take a single move action or standard action in each round, but strenuous activity does not risk further injury. When his hit points are less than 0 and greater than –Constitution score, a Living Construct is inert. He is unconscious and helpless, and he cannot perform any actions. However, an inert Living Construct does not lose additional hit points unless more damage is dealt to him, as with a living creature that is stable. Living Constructs with hit points less than -Constitution score are destroyed, and must be either repaired extensively, or raised if too badly damaged to repair.
  • As a living construct, a Living Construct can be raised or resurrected.
  • A Living Construct does not need to eat, sleep, or breathe, but he can still benefit from the effects of consumable spells and magic items such as heroes’ feast and potions, and must rest for 8 hours before preparing spells or regaining spent spell slots.
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