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NG Female human wizard (conjurer) 9
Home: Sigil
Allies: Revolutionary League, Zadara
Enemies: Fraternity of Order

Once a simple conjurer on Toril, today Lissandra the Gate-Seeker is one of the more prominent Sigilian experts of the city's varied portals, having studied them since she came to the city in the 115th year of Factol Hashkar. She's well-known to the more well-traveled locals as an excellent and devoted researcher in the nature of its innumerous gates, though her utter willingness to share her knowledge without restriction (and some of her actions on first arriving to the city) have not endeared her well to the Guvners or other local portal experts that tend to focus their efforts more towards nothing more than increasing their own insight into the dark of the Cage.

Having spoken little of her time on the Prime, little is known about her life prior to coming to Sigil; all that she's offered is that curiosity was what brought her to Sigil and led her to stay. Though she flirted with membership in the Fraternity of Order on her first arrival, the restrictions it kept on its library soon discouraged her and, after reading through their most significant resources of the city's portals, led her to utterly burn all bridges with that faction; many still get a laugh out of her story of rearranging and placing spine-inwards every book in the entire floor. After this incident — not strictly illegal, thankfully for her — she began the work she continues even today: studying the portals, interviewing travelers for information on their patterns and keys, and distributing it to any that would ask. For most of her time she's asked for nearly nothing, just enough to get her by and fund her research. As of late, though, it's been said that she's come under the patronage of Zadara, putting her up in exchange for the entirety of her discoveries. Some have questioned what this means for her objectivity (Guvners especially), but since then she's had no more complaints than usual.


Lissandra the Gate-seeker


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