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Intermediate Power, "Mastraacht"
AoC: Blood, debauchery, seduction, vampirism
Worshippers: Drow, vampires, the power-hungry
Symbol: Bat with glowing red eyes
Home p/r: Abyss/Lair of the Beast
Enemies: Mellifleur, The Seldarine
Favored Weapon: Dagger
Domains: Charm, Darkness, Death, Evil, Nobility, Undeath
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Known Proxies: Memnul (blood fiend), Dagrobard (blood fiend), Vonce (blood fiend)

Though few vampires pay him direct tribute, most owe their existence to Kanchelsis, the first vampire. While he did not personally spawn the curse of vampirism across all worlds, most if nothing else drew their inspiration from his creation. Today, Kanchelsis lives a dual existence, personifying the division of self present in all vampires.

In his preferred form, he is known as the Rake, a debonair, seductive man (usually appearing either as an elf or a half-elf), a connoisseur of the finer things in life that savors blood as others savor wine, and with deep interest in the most debased art forms of the planes. Most specifically, blood shaping, a long since lost art dating back to the time of his creation. In fact, many rooms of his home - the Mansion of the Rake - are formed of living blood sculpture, eternal flows scented by opiates and alkaloids kept as much for his own interest as to put on an ostentatious display to the lesser vampires that keep his court alongside him. Though he still holds the endless thirst of all vampires in this form, he is able to control it and maintain the trappings of a civilized noble.

When hot rage takes his mind, however, his animalistic side forces him into the form of the Beast, an almost-lycanthropic form much more human in shape than elven; heavily muscled, excessively hairy (though not quite to the point of fur), and bearing vicious claws and fangs. In this form, all pretense of civilization is banished, leaving nothing but the thirst. In this form Kanchelsis much prefers the company of wolves to his fellow vampires, tearing throats and gulping blood from his mortal victims as he forces them into a hunt through his realm, the Lair of the Beast. While Kanchelsis loathes this form, he can't help but enjoy the outlet it provides his darkest urges, allowing him to act without the veneer of nobility, yet sparing him the personal shame such actions would otherwise force upon him (to his eyes).

In the material realm, Kanchelsis's most devout followers are the Union of Eclipses, an order of vampires founded millennia ago by Kanchelsis that spans a number of worlds. Three times a year, they gather to pay honor to their patron at great conclaves that often see the attendance of some of their world's eldest vampires, some of whom trace their lineage back to Kanchelsis himself. Few engage in actual worship of Kanchelsis here, but they hold a respect and devotion to him that suffices just as well for his purposes. At these conclaves, any grudges are temporarily suspended (to avoid Kanchelsis's wrath), the emphasis not on petty politicking and bickering but rather on "brotherhood" of their condition, discussing recent events, rising powers, and in general reveling in their self-assured superiority not just to mortal life, but to their various undead kin as well.


Long ago, when the various worlds of existence were still young, the blood of gods still held great power. Continents, oceans, and creatures all took form from the spilled blood of the powers on innumerous occasions. On one world in particular however, its identity long since lost, this led to a highly unfortunate occurrence. The Seldarine, indulging in acts of creation, let their blood flow across the land, as they begun to craft the elven race. Little attention was paid, as this had been done by the Seldarine time and time again. But on this occasion, an unnamed god of the humans, a dark and twisted power with a deep-seated jealousy of the elven race, took this opportunity to twist the empowered blood, imbuing it with a curse of violence and anger. Draining the life force from it as it took form, leaving a being with the beauty and immortality of the elves, its connection to nature surviving only in an animalistic rage within its inner self, lacking any spark of life and seeking the blood of others to replace that loss, spreading its curse in the process. This being was originally known as Mastraacht, but eventually came to take the name Kanchelsis. It is his creation that still stands as one of the Seldarine's deepest shames; for this reason, many drow turn to his worship, even those with no interest in taking the curse themselves.


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