Den of Olidammara

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Located on the first layer of Ysgard, near the border with Limbo, this realm is the occasional home of the Oerthian god Olidammara. This realm takes the form of a massive estate known as Winesong, great elysian fields perfect for outdoor revelry surrounding a manor that looks to have been built from dozens of other buildings haphazardly reconstructed into a single building. This is because it in fact was — Winesong was built from the purloined manor houses of many figures across the planes, the targets of dozens of distinct thefts that all occurred within but a day of one another, all accomplished by Olidammara and Olidammara alone. Baatorian architecture blending into Bytopian into Acheronian, in a way that isn't aesthetically pleasing in the slightest. Some have compared the construction to Olidammara's own holy symbol, which itself can be said to resemble two distinct masks forced into one another.

Inside Winesong, one finds an endless number of banquet halls, ballrooms, and boudoirs, filled with the revelry of countless bards, entertainers, and of course rogues. Not precisely an endless party, for at times it does slow to but a trickle (the followers of this god aren't hedonists, after all, merely folks that enjoy a good time), it's still a rare day when no performances can be seen by the power's guests. These events are usually left to be hosted by Olidammara's proxies, as the god himself prefers to spend his time in mortal form wandering the lands of Oerth. Every so often, though, he does return to make a personal appearance, either blatantly or in disguise as merely another guest. Rudd and Kuroth are also occasionally guests at these events, but it's rare that any powers from outside Greyspace make an appearance; Olidammara is still a bit too small time to schmooze with those from beyond his world, though the increasing presence of Oerthians on the planes is helping to turn that around.