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Citadel Sealt stands as one of the Doomguard's four negative quasielemental headquarters, dug out of a single massive salt crystal in the Crystal Range of the plane of Salt, directly adjacent to the Negative Energy Plane. This citadel is led by Doomlord Roth, one of the faction's accelerationist sect, seeking to speed the rise of entropy in the universe.

Of all the negative quasielemental planes, Salt is one of the safest. Further, it's commonly seen as having nothing to offer outsiders, giving it a seclusion somewhat unbefitting that survivability. With relatively safe conditions and few outside visitors, it perhaps isn't surprising that most of the work the Doomguard wish to keep out of the public eye is performed here. While Citadel Alluvius may be the most popular, Citadel Sealt is the largest for the Doomguard's most secretive projects. As a result, Doomlord Roth has gained a certain amount of prestige amongst the faction's strategic planning high-ups; it was at his urging, for example, that the faction first pursued its research into the development of the entropes. It's further led to Citadel Sealt being the most well-protected of the four Doomguard citadels. While each of the others has had their trouble with espionage actions now and then, not once has an outsider been caught infiltrating Citadel Sealt.


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